A Fresh Start

I’ve had this blog domain sitting in my WordPress Dashboard for a couple of years now.  I never knew what to do with it… until now.

There are a host of people now talking, tweeting, and blogging about “government 2.0” — a concept that is part social media, part platform, part data, and totally transformative for government.  I’ve recently been officially tasked with (instead of just doing it because I love it) keeping my ear to the ground, watching for new startups, new technology, new ideas…and I need a way to share them.

So, here it is.  This blog is for my colleagues in twenty-three states across the country.  And it’s for anyone who wants a filtered look at what web 2.0, social media, and the open data movement can do for our governments.  I say “filtered” because I plan to keep this fairly lean.  I won’t be posting any- and everything that comes through the Twitter #gov20 hashtag.  This will be the place I post the things that make it through my personal filters and into the “hmmm, that’s interesting” pile.

A new blog.  A fresh start.  Here we go.